A lot of bad things have happened during the past few weeks. Yes we can argue whose fault it is or speculate cui bono, but such flame wars and quarrels will not help us, will not help free software. Such conflicts just undermine previous decades of effort and wonderful work that has been done.

We need a rollback. We have to recover the last known good state – which means the August, before the unfortunate events of September 2019. Richard Stallman should be re-elected (or his resignation should be refused) and FSF should continue its standard way.

If there is somebody who feels that s/he would be a better candidate for leader of the FSF, he/she should honestly present his/her program and plans, clearly laying out a vision for the FSF and stating his/her intention to run for director or president. And in a standard process, according to the rules, s/he might be elected, if s/he would be better than RMS. However, depose – or „encouraging“ the resignation of – a leader, prior to having any clear direction going forward, is clearly wrong and damaging to the organization.

FSF must stay strong, independent and sovereign. And must enhance its immunity to the pressures from the outside of the free software movement.

How can I help?

Spread the word, share this information with other developers and users of free software. Contact us in the mailing list ( – we will add your name to the list of supporters. (please send us an e-mail with your name and optionally your description, message or link)


The free software users, developers, bloggers, journalists, activists, artists and writers of the following list want to demonstrate their support to the figure and work of Mr. Richard M. Stallman and consider it necessary to continue the fight for the rights of free software from the purity of their ideas regarding software and privacy.


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